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How To Earn More Points

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500 MK Pts

Make a purchase

Earn for every 1000 MK value spent on your order!

500 MK Pts

Facebook share!

Share about us on facebook and earn more points just in a click! This is not just one time, but for every share you do!

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Every time your friends do a purchase you earn points. This is very cool!

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When you add these products you earn additional points!

How To Redeem your Points
A minimum of 500 points needed on your loyalty account for the redemption to work.
You need a min total value of Rs 1500 & above to redeem your points
A maximum of 2500 points can be redeemed per order.
No other discounts will be applicable if you have used loyalty cash back feature on your order.
Loyalty points on your account will get expired in 60 days from the date of your last confirmed order delivered.
If any product gets returned simply for no reason / defect, entire loyalty points earned against the particular order will be reversed.