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We are Maligakadai. We are a group of friends who have incubated the idea of connecting farmers to the consumers without any middle men, so, aren't we middlemen? We are not, because we don't have any previous history of business, nor any big financial backing, then, what are we up to with this venture? We are a group of friends who are born and brought up in India, specifically from Tamil Nadu. Some of us are still working as IT professionals and some of us have quit our IT jobs to learn more about farming issues, farmers, environment etc. The whole concept of Maligakadai is to bring back the farming wisdom to the customer doors by working on the theme of fair price to farmer and fair price to the customer with zero impact on environment. we want to re-introduce farmers directly to the customers with help of farmer producer companies. Initially we will run Maligakadai as a profitable venture to develop sound logistics and sustainability, once both of these objectives are achieved, we will slowly move the venture towards a co-operative setup, which in turn will give raise to open source retailing, Hope this sounds interesting! As mentioned earlier, we are a bunch of people who do things with lots of fun and friendliness, you are not only our customers, but also our partners in a journey towards a great dream. we will introduce eco-friendly products in the due run. Keep looking out for more interesting stuffs.